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Short description of the university programme:


The aims of the Business Administration Study Programme in English are to ensure the training of specialists in the field of business administration in accordance with the current and future trends in the field of economics, IT and communication, design and assessment, providing quality and efficient conditions for education. 

The programme focuses on attaining a formative, modern student who can be pragmatically oriented in the education system in accordance with the real needs of the Romanian school within the extended context of the European Union.

The programme objectives are:

- To carry out study programmes in the field of continuous training and career perfecting for the field of business initiation, management and administration in accordance with the requirements of a modern and efficient education system;

- To connect the education system with research, to involve the students in carrying out studies on current topics in the field of business management;

- To carry out research programmes in the field of business, management and administration oriented towards the fundamental themes and current priorities of the economic system and the European integration of professional training and career oriented programmes.


Type of studies: Full-time

Language of instruction: English

Type of accreditation: Provisional authorization (AP)

Standard lenght of studies: 3 years

Degree: Bachelor

County: Alba


Credit/Lenght: 180


Lecture period:

Academic Calendar

The academic year is divided into two semesters and two examination periods:
Autumn semester: October 1 - end of January
Winter holiday: December 22 - beginning of January
First examination session: end of January - end of February
Intersemestrial holiday: mid February - end of February 24
Spring semester: end of February - end of May
Second examination session: end of May - end of June - beginning of July
Summer holiday: beginning of July - September 30


Tuition fees and costs of the program:


Tuition fees for EU / EEA citizens (valid for the academic year 2021/2022):

- 2,800 RON/academic year


Tuition fees for foreign citizens from non-EU member states (valid for the academic year 2021/2022), payable in advance for one academic year:

- 2,700 Euro/academic year





File processing fee

50 EURO, payable before submitting the application for admission:

Please take into account that all the bank commissions are fully covered by the applicants!




Tuition fees and other administrative fees will be transferred into the following bank account:


SWIFT:                  BTRLRO22 ALBA IULIA

IBAN:                     RO 37 BTRLEURCRT 000 6338302

BENEFICIARY:      UNIVERSITATEA "1 Decembrie 1918" din Alba Iulia

FISCAL CODE:      5665935



Please send your complete files (.pdf) till 30 September 2021 to the following e-mail address: relint@uab.ro

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