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Romanian Language Preparatory Year


Aims and scope

The one-year, full-time academic programme in Romanian as a Foreign Language is addressed to foreign citizens who wish to gain entry onto a Romanian degree programme (at bachelor, master, Ph.D. level), as well as post-graduate and advanced training programmes in various fields. The programme also meets the needs of expatriates who work in Romania and who want to acquire a formal language certification.

The course aims at developing international students"  competences, abilities, skills, aptitudes, and knowledge in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

o   the use of the Romanian language at B1 proficiency level (minimum) pertaining to CECRL in the context of Romanian-speaking communication:

§  → language skills (acquire sufficient vocabulary to use paraphrases on most topics about everyday life;

·         proper communication by having good grammatical control;

·          awareness and control over the organization of meaning of words;

·         intelligible pronunciation and acquisition of natural intonation;

·         reading comprehension;

·         listening comprehension,

o   sociolinguistic competence (ability to express and respond to a wide range of communicative functions, awareness and proper rules of politeness),

o   pragmatic competence (discursive and functional):

o    the ability to adapt language to deal with less common situations,

o   the flexible use of a wide range of language means,

o   the ability to discuss on a familiar topic;

o   the ability to speak at length and in a meaningful way,

o   to explain with sufficient precision the main points of an idea,

o    to convey simple information of immediate interest;

o   participation in communication acts in Romanian through the appropriate use of production, reception, interaction and mediation strategies (planning, execution, evaluation, remediation);

§   acquiring knowledge of general culture,

§   sociocultural knowledge (daily life, living conditions, interpersonal relationships, values, beliefs and behaviors, body language, knowledge of customs and ritual behaviors),

§   intercultural awareness;

o   acquisition of skills and abilities:

o    practical skills,

o    technical and professional skills,

o   skills specific to leisure occupations;

o    intercultural skills and habits;

o   development of learning ability:

o   language and communication awareness,

o   phonetic awareness,

o   learning skills.


The programme Romanian Language as a Foreign Language - Preparatory Year (for foreign students) operates since the 2011-2012 academic year.

The number of applications for this programme has increased year by year, as has the educational offer of the University. The number of subjects in the Curriculum was diversified in terms of Specialized Languages, course materials, auxiliary materials and the RLS bibliography. 

Besides the 22 contact hours per week, the programme also includes extracurricular activities to ensure that international students understand Romanian academic life and culture. Various social events, excursions, outings and documentary visits to other cities and tourist attractions are organised regularly to ensure social, linguistic and cultural integration.



Programme structure




No. of hours / week

Academic credits

30 ECTS/ semester


First semester (14 weeks)




Practical Romanian Language Course (CEFR Levels A1 and A2)

23 hrs/week



Romanian Culture and Civilisation (Module 1)

2 hrs/week



Second semester (14 weeks)




Practical Romanian Language Course (CEFR Levels B1 and B2)

18 hrs/week



Romanian Culture and Civilisation (Module 2)

2 hrs/week



Romanian Language for Specific Purposes - (1 course to be elected out of Romanian for medical/business/ technical/ humanities/ law and social sciences fields)

5 hrs/week



Teaching and assessment

This course is taught by a team of experienced scholars and uses varied teaching methods, including lectures, seminars, workshops, and one-to-one tutorials. Students normally have twenty hours of scheduled contact time per week. In addition, staff are available each week for one-to-one tutorials.

Assessment consists of a combination of methods, ranging from assessed coursework, including essays, assignments, creative writing and other tasks; progress tests; oral examinations, including viva voce, individual and group presentations and seminars; individual research assignments, including library projects.



Students who successfully complete the course and pass the final examination will be awarded a CERTIFICATE OF PROFICIENCY IN ROMANIAN LANGUAGE - B1 LEVEL. The programme is approved by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research; therefore certificates are valid across the European Union.



Tuition fees and costs of the program:


Tuition fees for EU / EEA citizens (valid for the academic year 2021/2022):

- 2,200 RON/academic year


Tuition fees for foreign citizens from non-EU member states (valid for the academic year 2021/2022), payable in advance for one academic year:

- 1,980 Euro/academic year




File processing fee

50 EURO, payable before submitting the application for admission:

Please take into account that all the bank commissions are fully covered by the applicants!




Tuition fees and other administrative fees will be transferred into the following bank account:


SWIFT:                  BTRLRO22 ALBA IULIA

IBAN:                     RO 37 BTRLEURCRT 000 6338302

BENEFICIARY:      UNIVERSITATEA "1 Decembrie 1918" din Alba Iulia

FISCAL CODE:      5665935


Please send your complete files (.pdf) till 30 September 2021 to the following e-mail address: relint@uab.ro



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